How is the Solve Coin Chart?

Before talking about Solve.Care let’s examine the graphics. If we look at the chart, we see that today the price of Solve Coin is $0,108026 and that means a 2.5% decrease in the last 24 hours. The circulating supply of Solve Coin value is 268,9 million and maximum supply is 1 billion. The biggest exchange market for Solve currency transactions is Upbit market. The trade volume of Solve is $579.012. So far, the most expensive value of Solve was $4,89 on 10th January 2018 and the lowest value was $0,04664811 on 1st May 2019.

What is Solve and Solve.Care?

Solve.Care was founded in 2017. Today they serve as a healthcare blockchain company in all over the world. Using the technology and benefits of blockchain system, they aim to keep away from bureaucracy and to find practical solutions to different kind of problems. The center of Serve.Care is in Kyiv and they also have offices in the US, the UK, and Estonia. The platform which was built by Solve.Care has 5 main keys which are Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.coin, Care.Protocol and Care.Vault. In the project there are three parties which are connected to each other. They are administrators, clinicians and patients. By using the Solve Coin market it is easier to pay with cryptocurrencies for healthcare transactions. The purpose of Solve is to provide a safe and quick platform for cryptocurrency transactions all over the world. So as the administrators mention in their web site, they keep on working for that.

The Background of Solve

Solve Coin news say that its aim under four titles which are: Enhancing the access, controlling the currency more practically, paying on time and properly, enhancing the outcomes, reducing the costs. The declares their clients they serve as insurance companies, benefit administrators, government agencies, clinical organizations, accountable care organizations and employers.